Why People Choose SW Pension Services?

Running a small business isn’t easy, especially when you bring a team on board. While taking on employees may be the dream, it also comes with potential nightmares like a regular salary, and even a responsibility to take care of health and safety. As if all that weren’t enough, you’ll also need to consider including a pension plan for your team.

Admittedly, this may fall to the bottom of your list compared to issues which you can’t legally wriggle out of. The moment you study the market, though, you’ll see that your competitors probably offer some form of pension benefit to staff. That’s because benefits like these are vital for appealing to the best employees. If you want to get the team you’ve been dreaming of, then, you’re going to need to take care of this, as well.

That’s where Southwest Pension Services. We’re a third party administrator for small company retirement plans across Las Vegas and Nevada, and our 401K administration plans and more could see you standing out against even your best competitors. The question is, why do people choose SW Pension services over the other offerings on the market?

A mission managers can get behind

We at SW Pensions have a mission all small business managers can get behind. Put simply, our primary purpose is to help you establish and maintain cost-effective retirement plans which you can manage even in the smallest stages of your business. We pride ourselves on working to achieve maximum tax deductibility for you, while ensuring your employees enjoy tax-deferred retirement benefits. This can help you offer the most attractive pension plans in your industry, all without stretching yourself so far that you snap. That’s a small business-specific benefit you’ll struggle to find from any other pension provider or administrator out there.

End of year peace of mind

We understand well that, in small business, things can change fast. A pension plan which suited your workplace a year ago could soon become outdated as your team and enterprise grow. That’s why we also make a specific effort to sit down with every single client for an end of year review, free of charge. At this time, we’ll consider how the past year has gone, and how you can adapt your pension provisions for the year ahead of you, making sure that your pensions are always 100% suited to your small business needs.

A team who knows how

Of course, we at SW Pensions are only as strong as the team we have behind us. That’s why it’s a good job we have a strongly qualified and impressive team indeed. This is no fluke, though. We pride ourselves in being the best so that we can bring the best to you. Our team currently consists of Valerie Christiansen (2002), Robert L. Christiansen (1992), and Robert N. Christiansen (1998). As you can see, it’s a family affair, and this is a family who knows all about what it takes to navigate those employer pension waters.


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