Our Retirement Plan Services

At SW Pension Services, we have sought to ensure we can provide a comprehensive retirement plan service for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to create plans that suit both you the employer, and your employees, guaranteeing a complete approach that is capable of producing the best results every time.

In addition to providing standard annual administration services, we have sought to make the process of managing 401(k) plans as simple as possible for employers. In order to achieve this goal, we have endeavored to provide a number of free, on-request services that employees can access in order to ensure effective overall management of their plan.


We can manage every aspect of the enrollment process, ensuring that your employees are always well-informed and reassured throughout the process.

Help with retirement projections and actuarial consultation from SW Pensions

Retirement projections are, understandably, vitally important to any good 401(k) plan. We can help to ascertain exactly how large a fund your employees will require in order to retire, and then formulate strategies that can help them to achieve this goal. In addition, we are also able to ensure appropriate ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act, 1974) funding requirements and future obligations are met by analyzing savings records and ascertaining the necessary contributions required for maximum payout.

Expert management of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs/Quadros) issues

If an employee were to divorce or legally separate from their spouse, QDROs can be used to split the plan and its dividends based on shared/joint ownership of 401(k) assets. SW Pensions can help to simplify this process and ensure a satisfactory outcome for all involved.

Recommendations for plan fiduciary from SW Pensions

Thanks to our years of expertise, we have built a substantial list of highly-qualified plan fiduciaries. If your employees wish to use a plan fiduciary, or opt for fidelity bonding to protect against issues such as fraud, SW Pensions are more than happy to ensure you can consult with expert providers of these services.

Comprehensive advice on all types of withdrawals 

401(k) withdrawals can be a complex process for employees. Loans, required minimum distributions (also known as RMDs, for plans that require a certain amount to be withdrawn annually after the employee reaches the age of 70), in-service distributions, and hardship withdrawals can be thorny issues to address. By turning to SW Pensions, however, employees can ascertain the facts regarding various forms of withdrawal and ensure they are able to utilize their 401(k) to their maximum advantage.

SW Pensions compliance assistance

We are able to advise on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or Department of Labor (DOL) plan audit meditation through power of attorney, helping to ensure these processes are managed as simply and effectively as possible. In addition, we also conduct compliance studies to ensure all plans meet current regulatory legislative standards.

Plan redesign

If an existing plan requires redesign, such as document alterations or IRS approval, SW Pensions can help make sure the process is simple, straightforward, and stress-free.

To find out more about SW Pensions Retirement Plan services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to providing you, and your employees, with the reliable, effective retirement planning services you require.


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